Again welcome to the NJ Jacks group. We are a group of guys that like to jerk with other guy and wanted to have a want to meet up and build up our group. Check out our site feel free to send us any questions you had and then come check out one of our meetups.

The annual membership is $30 and that is valid for 12 months once your membership application is approved. Your first meetup entry fee is included in the annual membership and then each meetup you attend after that is $15.

We want this to be a group where there is no judgement of sexuality, straight, gay, bi, or curious just come here to have a good time jerk with other buddies and then everyone goes back to their lives.

Right now we will just be holding the Jerk Meetups, but as we grow the group we have had interest in having naked hangouts and massage trade events. We welcome any feedback so please use the Contact Us form to send us your thoughts.

When & Where We Meet
We will have one Jerk Meetup a week, alternating weekly having a day time meetup during lunch (noon), and then having a evening meetup at 6pm, most meetups will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

To start out we will be meeting up at one of our member’s apartments in Englewood NJ, until we build up the group and need to look for other places.

For the Jerk Meetups please remember our rules “No lips below the hips” and “Nothing goes inside anybody’s anything.” Also be mindful of others at the meetups, read cues of when someone is interested in jerking with you. Eye contact and body language will will convey if they are interested in you joining. Do not just walk up to someone and grab their junk without consent. And if someone approaches you who you do not want to jerk with, just say a polite “no thanks.” and walk away. Most guys will respect this and if you have any issues see the host of the meetup. No one will make you do anything you do not want to do.

You will naturally be a little anxious and nervous at first, but you will quickly become accustomed to the group and the action. Just relax and you’ll have a good time. Walking through the door will be the most difficult part, but how difficult is that? No one will force you to do anything and you can leave at any time. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to make your first visit and you’ll be eager to return.