Jerking is not connected to sexuality. Straight, bi, gay or curious, all guys jerk off. We just do it in a group. If you don’t like contact, you don’t need to have contact. There will be single, partnered and married men in attendance. Respect each other’s reasons to be there and everyone will have a great time, regardless of sexuality.

Of course! Some guys love to get edged by another hand. We just ask that you seek consent first and respect if another guy is there to play solo.

Otherwise lend a bro a hand when in need!

Who doesn’t love to be naked???

We do prefer you drop your clothes at the door, a bag will be provided to place all your clothes and personal items in, but if you are shy or uncomfortable then we just ask that you at least strip down to your undies and a tshirt. Otherwise it can just be a little awkward with 99% of the guys naked and one random guy in his jeans, boots, and 3 layers of shirts.


We are not responsible for any personal items that may be lost of stolen during an event.

Nothing. Although if you like a particular kind of lube or oil to jerk with, maybe bring it along. You may also bring poppers, sexy underwear or any jerk toys you like to use (ie. fleshlight).

Dick focused play! Lots of jerking off, mutual, solo and in group. Some guys play with each other and some just like to play with themselves.

To be very clear, the Jerk Meetups do have rules, “No lips below the hips” and “Nothing goes inside anybody’s anything.”

Mutual masturbation between consenting adults is legal AND safe. Probably the safest sexual activity you can do except for solo J/O.

Masturbation is the safest sex there is. There is no exchange of fluids so you can jerk another man or jerk with others and feel completely sure you have kept yourself pristine.

Mutual masturbation between consenting adults is legal AND safe. We are a friendly group of guys and we’re all there for the same reason and to have fun and get off.

Absolutely not! Anyone with a phone out will be asked to leave. All phones should be left with your clothes anyway for your own safety and security. You must give a name at the door to be accepted and agree to rules and terms and conditions, but your attendance is kept discrete.

I doubt that will happen, but you can simply leave at anytime, there will be guys arriving at different times so guys will be in and out anyways.

All types of guys come to the meetups, straight, gay, bi, curious guys. Mix of ages, ethnicities and body types. We do not discriminate against physical attributes, only inappropriate behavior.

As the group grows we will have some more specific themed events for certain types of guys, and age groups. If you have any ideas or requests please feel free to submit those through the Contact Us page.

Taking the step to come is tough! Once you’re there and you sense the vibe, your nerves will drop away. The guys are very inclusive men and make all welcome. We can almost entirely guarantee that of any sex-related group gathering, a jerk group will have something for everyone. You are under no obligation to do anything except watch and play with your own dick, you will be accepted.

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